Mole Removal

Dr. Shaw uses RF technology (radio frequency) to remove moles without surgery or freezing.

The Procedure

Dr. Shaw uses the Ellman RF device which utilizes radio wave energy to slowly melt away tissue in the mole. Because there is no cutting, no bleeding occurs.

The amount of energy is delivered precisely to the mole with minimal damage to surrounding skin, which minimizes scarring and pigmentation changes.

There is never a guarantee of scarless mole removal, but Dr. Shaw has found that the Ellman technology is best in minimizing the risks of scarring.

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The Results

The most common methods for mole removal used by other surgeons and dermatologists is either scalpel excision or freezing by liquid nitrogen. Scalpel or shave excision leads to bleeding, longer healing time, and increased risks for scarring. Freezing with liquid nitrogen is imprecise as it is very difficult to control freezing damage to the surrounding tissues. Freezing can lead to depressed scars with differing pigmentation than the surrounding skin. [Learn More]

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Common Questions About Mole Removal

How Long Does it Take?

In most cases, we are able to perform laser mole removal in under one hour.

Are There Any Alternatives?

Almost everyone has a mole somewhere on their body. Many people have stared at a mole every day in the mirror and wanted to do something about it, but were fearful of surgical or freezing mole removal due to the potential for scarring. Some have even been told by their doctor that they are better off leaving a mole alone since the scar would be worse. Although there is always a potential for scars, Dr. Shaw uses radio frequency (RF) technology to remove moles without surgery or freezing.


Is it Painful?

The RF mole removal procedure is performed in the office with local anesthesia, and should not expect to feel much pain.

What is Recovery Like? Is There Downtime or Medication?

Several lesions can be removed at the same time, Caring for the mole removal area consists of daily cleansing with mild soap and application of a moisturizer twice a day. Once the area has turned a gentle pink color after several days, it is safe to use some cover up if needed. Mole removal using RF technology allows patients to heal in a matter of days and greatly reduces the risks of scarring and pigmentation changes that can occur with standard mole removal techniques. No medication needed.


Is Financing Available?

Learn more about available payment plans by visiting our financing page here.

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