Tattoos are permanent body artwork. Unfortunately, individuals do not always make the best choices when it comes to body art.

Tattoos are permanent body artwork. Unfortunately, individuals do not always make the best choices when it comes to body art. Tattoo removal is not an easy process, but laser tattoo removal is one of your better options. Laser removal offers less pain and better results than many other choices? Laser tattoo removal cost is often based on the Kirby-Desai Scale. Cost for the procedure will also vary according to the size, location, and colors of the tattoo.

We’re here to talk about tattoo removal, which, obviously, as more and more people get tattoos, a lot more people want them taken off. We’re offering the latest technology for PicoSure laser, which everyone wants to know how much tattoo removal costs. Let’s cover a few different important details first.


This scale is an algorithm that is used to estimate the number of sessions required for successful tattoo removal. Six factors are considered: the location, amount and colors of the ink, layering, scarring, and your skin type. When the factors are combined with the size of the tattoo, a professional can estimate the number of treatments needed.


In addition to the size of the tattoo, the location plays a significant factor in removal cost. The amount of blood flow to the area and number of lymph nodes help the body’s immune system remove tattoo ink after treatments. A small tattoo on your hand or a finger, with less blood flow,?can be twice the price of a similar tattoo on your upper back. Tattoo removal from your back, neck and shoulder areas are normally the least expensive per square inch. Tattoos on leg areas are included in the second easiest, and least expensive, procedures.


Certain ink colors will make laser tattoo removal costs higher. The size and composition of the granules make the difference when it comes to colors. Black ink granules are the smallest and easiest to remove. Red shades are the next easiest. Yellow and green tones are difficult.


Laser tattoo removal is done over a series of treatment sessions. Smaller tattoos normally require fewer sessions unless the colors or location of present issues. Obviously, we all have budgets that we have to work within. One of the things that patients are often surprised at is that while the PicoSure laser is more expensive than conventional treatments, but the thing to keep in mind is that whereas with traditional Q-Switched lasers you might be looking at anywhere from 10 to 15 treatments to get complete removal of your tattoo. The great thing about the PicoSure is it’s twice as fast as a Q-Switched laser, and oftentimes patients find complete clearance in four to six treatments. So, in the long run, you’re actually going to save money, you’re going to have to come to the doctor’s office or wherever it is that you choose to go less often, so it actually becomes a better investment for you, especially thinking about your time.

When you compare laser tattoo removal cost, consider if any guarantees are provided. Some facilities will offer additional treatment if you complete the required number of sessions and still have visible ink remaining.


Laser tattoo removal is not typically extremely painful. In most cases, it is less painful than the tattoo was when you had it done. A topical application of lidocaine will reduce discomfort. You might consider taking acetaminophen before your session but avoid any medication that thins the blood including aspirin. The location of the tattoo affects the amount of pain as well. Hand and facial areas are more prone to discomfort.

We offer some special things here at Travis Shaw M.D. for folks. Everyone knows the laser’s painful. We have ways of making you comfortable. We can start with things from cooled air, we can actually do topical anesthesia or topical numbing cream that we have made compound and custom at a pharmacy here. Patients find that very helpful. I use it for all my lasers. We can do injection anesthesia, just like if you’re going to the dentist. We can inject underneath the tattoo, make it pretty numb. We can go all the way up to sedation if needed, which, that’s a pretty unique service. I don’t think there’s anyone else providing that for our patients. We also have a try before you buy, so if you’d like to come in, we’ll be happy to shoot just a little half inch area of your tattoo so you know what it feels like, you know what kind of results you’re going to get, and then you can take things from there.


Multiple removal sessions are required for all but the smallest tattoos. Spreading the treatments out over several weeks is the best course of action. This allows the skin to absorb pigmentation and heal. It also makes remaining areas more visible for subsequent treatment.

Successful removal does depend on the color of the ink. Lasers have the best results on red and black ink. Other bright colors are not removed as easily. In some cases, smokers tend to have less chance of successful tattoo removal than non-smokers do.


bird and branch tattoo removal before and after photo

Some individuals will notice a darkening or lightening of the skin area in comparison to their natural skin tone. Consider the appearance of any existing scar tissue to estimate what the area may look like after treatment.

Make sure you follow all instructions for skin care after your laser tattoo removal sessions. This will help the treated area to heal with less scarring. Consider using a concealer for any remaining ink discoloration. Results may vary.

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