Laser Hair Removal

Plastic surgeon on site providing direct supervision. A safe and effective way to take care of unwanted hair all over the body with no downtime.

The Procedure

We use the Palomar Vectus laser, which is one of the fastest and safest lasers available for laser hair removal in Richmond. It uses what is known as a diode laser and is safe for all skin types and tones, dark or light.

The Vectus laser uses a very unique technology known as the Skintel Melanin Reader to ensure the highest level of safety and efficacy.
This is the only FDA cleared melanin reader on the market.

The Skintel measures the exact amount of pigment in the skin surrounding the hair, then selects the safest and most effective laser settings for hair removal.

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We recommend 8-10 treatments for most areas but certain areas are treated a bit differently, some are spaced 4-6 weeks apart and some may be 6-8 weeks apart.


Treatment is Performed in-Office


A Single Area Takes Less than 5 Minutes


No Downtime

The Results

The laser works by targeting the color pigment within the hair follicle, which is called melanin. Because the laser is only targeting the hair follicle, it is safe for the surrounding skin.

Hair goes through growth and rest cycles known as anagen, catagen, and telogen phases. Laser hair removal only works on hair that is in the anagen, or growth phase. Hair in a particular area on our bodies is in any of these particular phases on a particular day.

When you come for laser hair removal, only the hair that is in the anagen phase will respond to the treatment. This is why it takes multiple treatment sessions until complete hair reduction can occur.

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Common Questions About Laser Hair Removal

How Long Does it Take?
We can finish a single area in less than 5 minutes.
How Long Does it Last?
Laser hair removal usually lasts about 9 months
Are There Any Alternatives?
We don’t provide any other services for hair removal, as we’ve found Laser Hair removal with the palomar vectus laser to be the safest and most effective method for long term hair removal on the market.
Is Financing Available?
Yes. You’ll find all the information you need about financing by visiting our financing page here.
Is it Painful?
Not very. In some sensitive areas, when the laser activates it will feel like a small pin prick, but then it goes away immediately.
How Much Does it Cost?
Laser Hair Removal starts at $125 per Treatment
What is Recovery Like? Is There Downtime or Medication?
There is no downtime required for Laser Hair Removal.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“I am truly amazed at how painless it was and I could not believe it was over so quickly. Not only did I go for the Brazilian again, I added my lip and underarms!! All three areas were completed in less than 20 minutes and I experienced no discomfort whatsoever after the treatment. Dr. Shaw’s office manager, Laura-Beth, was absolutely amazing in helping Melissa during the treatment and making me feel at ease. I cannot praise Vectus laser hair removal technology high enough. I am so thankful Melissa Black informed me of this joint venture with Dr. Shaw and encouraged me to try it!! They have great package deals….give it a try… won’t regret it!! ”


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“Dr. Shaw and his staff are wonderful. I called his office because of a recommendation from one of my friends and the receptionist answered all of my questions thoroughly and politely. I immediately booked my first appointment for laser hair removal. Upon arrival I was very impressed with the look of the office and how friendly and professional the staff are. I have since been back for my 2nd and 3rd treatments and each experience has been just as great. Everyone makes you feel welcome and you are treated as an individual person. I hate going into any appointment whether cosmetic or medical and feeling like I am being rushed and I do not feel that way with Dr. Shaw’s office at all. I would definitely recommend them to anyone I know and once I am finished with my laser hair removal treatments I plan to use them again for other things!“


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I am about to head in for my second treatment for laser hair removal and I can not wait. The technician Franki was outstanding. She helped me feel calm and answered all of my questions even days later when I was still anxious. She treated me with respect! I also have to say that after my first treatment and healing I barely had to shave!!!! I have hairs on my legs that are so thick. I have to shave more than once in a day at times. It caused such a depression and a huge time suck! I am so excited to receive my final results.


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The staff were very helpful and knowledgeable regarding lasser hair removal. Frankie is very professional and makes you feel comfortable during the procedure. The next thing you know the procedure is done. ”


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“I have been working with Dr. Shaw and his team and I am extremely pleased and thankful I found them. My laser hair removal results have been exceptional. The team is patient and willing to answer any concerns. I highly recommend Dr. Shaw’s office and will remain a loyal customer!“


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I went to Travis Shaw MD for laser hair removal. I had never had it done before so I set up a consultation prior to my appointment. Franki, the aesthetician, was incredibly knowledgeable and helped me make my decision to go through with the treatment. The knowledge of this team and customer service was above and beyond my expectations. I highly recommend Travis Shaw MD and his team.


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