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Tattoo Removal: Debunking the 5 Most Common Myths

The topic of tattoo removal is one that brings up some important things you should know if you are considering having a tattoo removed. Tattoos can be a great way to express yourself and showcase what makes you unique. Specifically, many people enjoy using tattoos as...

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Kybella for Stubborn Bra, Armpit, Knee, and Back Fat

Kybella works by permanently destroying fat cells, which are then naturally cleared by the body. As our bodies do not generate new fat cells, the effects of Kybella are permanent. The injection sessions take about 10 minutes and are virtually pain-free. Most patients experience swelling in the treated areas for about 3 days. There are no restrictions on activity after injection. Patients need between 2-4 injection sessions spaced every 6-8 weeks.

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Coolsculpting or SculpSure®: Is One Better Than the Other?

Non Surgical Body Contouring with SculpSure ® Researching Coolsculpting and SculpSure on the internet can quickly become overwhelming when trying to decide between these body contouring devices. The surgeons with Coolsculpting will say that their machine is the best,...

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Revitalize your skin with SkinCeuticals

Now offering SkinCeuticals! The office of Travis Shaw MD is pleased to announce we are now carrying SkinCeuticals, the cosmeceuticals line developed by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell based on the concept of Prevent, Protect and Correct. Most famous for their award winning...

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Juvederm Volbella Lip Filler in Richmond VA

Juvederm Volbella in Richmond VA The New Lip Filler Dr Travis Shaw is once again proud to be one of the first surgeons in Richmond to be selected to introduce Juvederm Volbella lip filler. This is the newest member of the Juvederm family of fillers, and is FDA...

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Sculpsure Now Available

SculpSure™ Now Available! Are you looking to get rid of stubborn fat without surgery or downtime? There are many options on the aesthetic market, but only Sculpsure can get rid of your stubborn body fat with non-invasive, light-based technology that is FDA-approved...

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Zapatat Laser Tattoo Removal Closes in Richmond

Laser tattoo removal in Richmond The Richmond location of Zapatat has recently closed its doors after years of safely and effectively removing many tattoos. This is sad news today for many people seeking or undergoing laser tattoo removal in Richmond. Many of...

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More and More Millennials are Getting Botox Treatment

Botox is generally synonymous with people who want to battle the effects of aging skin (i.e. wrinkling), so naturally the treatment is popular among an aging demographic. But if you’re a member of the millennial generation, although your skin may look pretty healthy...

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Labiaplasty without surgery

Enlarged labia can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment for many women, especially after childbirth. Until now, the only real option to help reduce the size of enlarged labia was a surgical procedure known as labiaplasty. The procedure involves cutting away...

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Your Questions About Kybella, Answered

As a relatively new procedure, Kybella is still not as well-known as other non-surgical procedures like Botox. However, we think it’s well on its way to becoming a household name due to its tremendous effectiveness and convenience. Read on to learn more about this fix...

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