Dr Shaw gives men interested in plastic surgery, long lasting, natural looking results without any telltale signs of facial work.


Looking younger is no longer just for the ladies, plastic surgery for men is becoming less and less stigmatized. Men now represent the fastest growing segment of the population seeking facial rejuvenation. For better or worse, there are numerous studies that show that success in the workplace is often predicated on appearance.

Here is a rundown of the most popular plastic surgery procedures for men:

1. Botox- the new buzzword is BROtox. Botox is consistently the most commonly performed facial rejuvenation procedure. It is safe, effective, and most importantly, no one will know anything has been done. Cost  $200-500

before and after image of a man who's had botox.
Botox can soften the lines around the eyes and give a less tired, refreshed appearance

2. Facial Resurfacing- lasers and chemical peels can take 10 years of aging off of the face in a matter of minutes. Cost $800-3500

facial resurfacing for men before and after image
Same patient is 4 weeks out from a Total FX CO2 laser treatment and shows rejuvenated skin tone and texture

3. Dermal Fillers-  one of the telltale signs of aging in the face is volume loss. Bags under the eyes, sunken cheeks and jowls. Injectable fillers can restore volume immediately or slowly over a matter of months with no downtime. Cost $600-2000

4. Rhinoplasty- many men are unsatisfied with their nose. There are both surgical and non-surgical rhinoplasty options to give a more balanced, yet masculine nose. Cost $600-4000

We understand that the most important factor for men considering plastic surgery is discretion. Men do not want anyone to know that a procedure is done. Dr Shaw gives lasting, natural looking results without any telltale signs of facial work.

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