The reality is that, injected properly, Botox does not have to hurt.

Many people are terribly afraid of needles and wonder- does Botox hurt? This is especially true  when it comes to their face- rightly so! Other people have seen or experienced bruising after Botox injections when done with a heavy hand and are fearful of the procedure.

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The reality is that, injected properly, Botox does not have to hurt. I once had a dentist who was a magician with injecting before a procedure, I would feel a little tingling and pressure and that was all. When I began learning cosmetic injections, I remembered his technique and have applied it in my current practice.

I use a special needles that I order from Japan which are extremely small and sharp. I also distract the pain nerves by using pressure at the injection site and I use concentrated Botox so only a small volume is needed for maximum results. Small volumes also help avoid the “mosquito bite” look at the injection sites.  I offer numbing cream to patients with severe needle aversion, but for 99% of patients, they never need it using my techniques.

Praise for our Botox Treatments:

Here is what one of my recent Botox injection patients had to say via Yelp:

Dr. Shaw is a magician! The staff are really friendly and down to earth. I received a Botox treatment (the generic brand) and he is quick, kind and very skilled. I love the very natural results. I keep receiving compliments that I am glowing and look fantastic.

Botox Treatments in Richmond, VA

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Dr. Travis Shaw, MD is a double board certified facial plastic and ENT surgeon and is an Allergan, Inc certified Botox instructor serving Richmond, Williamsburg and Virginia Beach. 


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