Sometimes, no amount of diet and exercise can get rid of stubborn fat in the body. One of the most resistant areas of fat is the submental area, commonly known as a double chin.

Until recently, the only way of addressing excess fat was via a surgical procedure such as a facelift or liposuction. Many people would like to get rid of this tissue, but either would rather avoid the risks of surgery, or may not have the luxury to take a week of downtime to recover.

Liposuction can give dramatic results, but usually requires general anesthesia which has its own costs and associated risks. During liposuction, a cannula is inserted under the skin and excess fat is sucked out. The surgeon removes gradual amounts of fat until the neck is appropriately sculpted and the desired result is achieved. I have performed many of these procedures and get really nice results, and patients are happy.

As technology has advanced, there are now good alternatives to liposuction available to patients that can reduce a double chin, tighten skin, and make the entire neck look rejuvenated. These alternatives can deliver lasting results without cutting or stitching, without the risks of surgery, and without significant downtime.

Kybella is a new injectable drug launched this summer. Much like Botox, it works by dissolving fat cells to shrink a double chin. A series of 2-4 injection sessions are performed about 5 weeks apart. A very select number of board certified plastic surgeons and dermatologists are now allowed to offer Kybella. I have been extensively trained and am honored to be one of only 3 surgeons injecting Kybella in Richmond. Currently Kybella is indicated as an alternative to liposuction for the submental area only. However, there many physicians discussing uses in other parts of the body and it is likely to gain expanded FDA approval in the future.

Thermitight is a one-time procedure which uses injectable energy under the skin to cause skin tightening and fat melting. The procedure is painless and takes about an hour to perform in the office with no cutting or stitching. This procedure can also be used as an alternative in other parts of the body.

Total Lift is a procedure developed by Dr Shaw that combines Kybella, Thermitight and a laser to give incredible results in removing fat and tightening tissue under the neck. The Total Lift gives results like a facelift, without the associated risks and downtime of surgery.

There is also another fat melting drug currently undergoing FDA clinical trials that will be indicated to melt fat around the waistline. Ive read the early studies and the results are quite impressive. This drug has yet to be named.

For patients in Richmond who may be looking for alternatives to surgery but would like to look better, we have some effective options with minimal downtime and maximal results. Call (804)775-4559 or send an email for a free consultation.

Dr Travis Shaw offers alternatives to liposuction and facelift to patients from Richmond, Williamsburg, Fredericksburg and Fairfax VA.