Laser tattoo removal in Richmond

The Richmond location of Zapatat has recently closed its doors after years of safely and effectively removing many tattoos. This is sad news today for many people seeking or undergoing laser tattoo removal in Richmond.

Many of Richmond’s Zapatat clients are likely now wondering where to turn to finish their tattoo removal. As we understand that the process of changing providers might be a bit unnerving, we are offering 20% off Picosure laser tattoo removal for any of Zapatat’s former clients. We will honor this offer whether clients have had one treatment or 20, it doesn’t matter, we will be happy to get rid of the rest of your ink.

Even better news is that the Picosure laser can remove tattoo ink in about half the treatments of conventional Q Switched lasers, which means less trips to the office and less time caring for your ink after the laser. The Picosure also excels at treating recalcitrant tattoos that may have been through many other laser sessions unsuccessfully.

The Picosure world by targeting the pigment contained in the tattoo ink. The laser produces both heat and acoustic energy when it encounters ink. This shatters the ink into tiny fragments which are then recognized as foreign by the body’s immune system and cleared. Studies have shown that the Picosure shatters ink into particles smaller than those from a Q Switch laser, this makes it easier for the body to eliminate, which translates into faster ink clearance.

We offer a try before you buy option, where you can have a test patch done at no cost to see how well the Picosure works. Dr Shaw is also a laser expert: He is Richmond’s only Picosure Luminary, which means he teaches other physicians in the region on proper use of this laser.

If you would like before and after photos of laser tattoo removal, please see our webpage or check out our YouTube channel.


Travis Shaw is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon offering the newest technology for laser tattoo removal. Voted best bedside manner and runner up best cosmetic surgeon in Richmond.