As a relatively new procedure, Kybella is still not as well-known as other non-surgical procedures like Botox. However, we think it’s well on its way to becoming a household name due to its tremendous effectiveness and convenience. Read on to learn more about this fix for double chins.

What Is Kybella?

Formerly known as ATX 101, Kybella is an injectable drug and a revolutionary advancement in the treatment of unwanted fat under the chin. Kybella works by targeting fat cells directly and destroying their membranes. The cells burst and disappear, with the fat naturally flushed out by the body.

This solution is perfect for those who have tried to get rid of a double chin with diet and exercise but have been unsuccessful. In these cases, double chins are a genetic inheritance, and nothing can be done about them besides a cosmetic treatment like Kybella.

What can I expect from treatment with Kybella?

First, you will set up a consultation with Dr. Shaw to make sure that Kybella is right for you, and to review all of your treatment options. If you both decide that Kybella is the right choice, you can expect about three to four sessions of treatment with Kybella. Each session takes about fifteen minutes and is performed in Dr. Shaw’s office. Since this is an outpatient procedure, you can return home immediately after treatment and carry on with your normal lifestyle. The sessions will be spaced out over periods of four to six weeks.

How effective is Kybella?

In an FDA study of Kybella, 90% of patients reported noticeable differences in their appearances after treatment. The treatment has been shown to be widely effective in reducing double chins and restoring youthfulness to the neck and jawline.

What are the side effects of Kybella?

The side effects of Kybella are mild, especially compared to procedures like liposuction that yield similar results. Patients can expect short-term (about three days) swelling, numbness and bruising. The level of discomfort of these side effects is usually negligible, allowing patients to go about their usual activities with little interference.

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Dr Travis Shaw is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon and injectable instructor. He offers exceptional results for patients from Richmond VA and Washington DC