Tattoo Removal

The Quanta Discovery Pico is specifically designed to offer gradual ink reduction through a series of quick treatment sessions.

Unwanted tattoos can often be a cause for concern. Not only do tattoo removal procedures tend to be costly, but they can also be quite painful as well. In addition, many traditional tattoo removal methods often leave unsightly residual scarring. If you’re tired of your ink, then finding the right treatment option is essential. Travis Shaw, MD is proud to provide the people of Richmond, Virginia with the precise Quanta Discovery Pico tattoo removal system. This device is specifically designed to offer gradual ink reduction through a series of quick treatment sessions. The results look so natural that no one will remember you ever having a tattoo in the first place.

Tattoo Removal With Discovery Pico Laser

The Quanta Discovery Pico is currently our preferred laser tattoo removal system. This powerful picosecond Nd:YAG laser uses a photoacoustic effect to break up tattoo ink and deliver fast acting results. The Pico works in tandem with your body by breaking up ink and allowing your immune system to naturally clear it. The result of each session is a gradual fading of the image. After your treatment sessions are completed, the tattoo will have disappeared entirely and rendered completely unnoticeable.

Discovery Pico Laser Procedure

Tattoo removal with the Pico Laser is completed in a series of treatments spaced about 4 weeks apart. The length of the session depends on your specific tattoo. Most small tattoos can be addressed in an hour or less. The procedure itself does involve some discomfort. Patients report feeling mild pain similar to a hard rubber band snapping against the skin. However, anesthetic and cold air are available for those with particularly sensitive skin.

Pico Tattoo Removal Results

Quanta technology is 100 times faster than conventional Q Switch tattoo lasers. Due to its speed and efficiency, most patients achieve permanent ink clearance in as little as 8 sessions. After your treatment, we will provide a healing plan that includes instructions on how to care for the treated area with medical-grade topical ointments. The application of ointments is essential to promoting fast and comfortable healing. While the skin heals, it will feel similar to a bad sunburn, but no downtime is required.

Before and After Photos

What are the Most Common Myths About Tattoo Removal?

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Unwanted Tattoo Removal in Richmond, Virginia

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