Vaginal rejuvenation with ThermiVa has been one of our most popular treatments and has one of the highest satisfaction levels of all the procedures we offer.

The reason I chose ThermiVa over the other devices that are available like Mona Lisa Touch, DiVa or FemiLift is downtime. The great thing about ThermiVa is that it is a quick procedure done here in the office that is very comfortable for patients. There is no pain. Patients describe a pleasant warming sensation during the procedure.


The biggest difference for ThermiVa is that there’s no downtime. Patients can go home and completely resume all their normal activities, as well as intercourse.

The reason is that ThermiVa uses radio frequency energy, whereas Mona Lisa Touch and the other popular devices are lasers.  Lasers can cause several days of downtime because they not only heat tissues like RF, but lasers also cause some tissue destruction. ThermiVa does not destroy any tissue whatsoever. It uses a small transducer with lubrication that is about as big around as your index finger.

ThermiVa is safe and effective for women after childbirth and may have enlarged labia, vaginal looseness, leaking urine during coughing, vaginal dryness or difficulty with orgasm.  We can even treat more serious conditions such as vaginal prolapse.  All of this is done by an in-office procedure where you walk in and walk out, immediately resuming normal activity.  We usually do a series of 3 to 4 treatments spaced one month apart, followed by an annual “tune-up”. ThermiVa has been a revolutionary treatment for our patients.

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