Under Eye Bags Treatment

  • non-surgical, non-invasive treatment
  • gentle heat to shrink eye bags
  • no downtime
  • safe and effective

Do people ask you if you had enough sleep last night? Do bags under the eyes make you feel aged, tired and worn? Until recently, the only way to fix this area was with a surgical procedure called a blepharoplasty, where skin and fat are removed from under the eye.

Now a new non surgical procedure called ThermiSmooth is delivering safe,effective under eye bags treatment without the downtime and risks of surgery.


ThermiSmooth Infrared Camera

Here is how it works: ThermiSmooth uses gentle, precise heat energy delivered directly to the under eye bags, which causes shrinkage of the fat, muscle, and skin. Clinical studies show that collagen and fat will contract at 40 degrees centigrade (around 100F). ThermiSmooth technology allows the skin to be heated to this precise temperature. Thermi also uses an infrared camera throughout the treatment to monitor the exact skin temperature in real time . Use of the infrared camera allows for the optimal treatment both in terms of safety and effectiveness.

The treatment required no anesthesia and is completely painless. Patients actually describe the sensation as getting a warm facial massage, we have even had patients doze off during their treatment. Small areas around the eyes are treated sparely for about 5 minutes each to get them up to 40 degrees C. A small amount of medical lubricant is used with the Thermi hand piece so that it glides effortlessly across the skin. A Thermi session for under eye bags typically takes about 30 minutes. You can walk right out the door and return to life immediately, your skin will actually glow after the treatment, like if you had a facial at a salon. A series of 3 treatments are generally needed for optimum results. These are performed at 1 month intervals. After the initial 3 sessions, most patients have an annual treatment to maintain their results.

Under eye bags are not the only facial area that can be improved with Thermi. The treatments are also highly effective for tightening the upper eyelids and brows, crows feet, wrinkles on the cheeks, and fine lines around the mouth commonly referred to as smoker’s or lipstick lines.

Many patients ask how ThermiSmooth is different from another older skin tightening technology known as Thermage. The biggest difference by far is pain. Thermage is quite painful, whereas Thermi is very comfortable. Before investing in Thermi technology, I looked at all of the other tightening devices currently available, including Thermage. I decided on Thermi due to its effectiveness, and most importantly its safety profile.

If you have never seen it, I encourage you to check out the site called realself.com. Much like amazon, patients write reviews of actual cosmetic procedures and describe their personal experiences, often with photos. Patients rate Thermage as “worth it” only 44% of the time. The very first review under Thermage states “it hurt like hell!”. Conversely, ThermiSmooth carries a 100% “worth it” rating.

If you are tired of looking tired and want to say goodbye to your under eye bags, come in to chat with us. Our consultations are always free.

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Dr Travis Shaw is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. He offers under eye bags treatments to patients from Fredericksburg, Williamsburg, and Richmond VA.