Nasal & Facial Fractures

Solutions for Your Broken Nose

Sports injuries or automobile crashes can result in broken bones of the nose or face. In fact, the nose is one of the most commonly broken bones in the body.

Dr. Shaw has had extensive training and experience in treating these kinds of injuries.

A broken nose often may not need any treatment at all. If the nose is deformed or causing breathing issues, it may need to be repaired. If done within two weeks of injury, this is a simple procedure to place the nose in its proper position and then place a flexible cast over the nose. In more complex injuries or if more than two weeks has gone by, the nose may require more extensive reconstruction. Dr. Shaw will discuss all of the options with you at the time of your consultation.

Other bones of the face which are commonly broken are the eye socket (orbital fracture) or the cheekbone (malar fracture). Repairing these fractures sometimes involves using tiny plates and screws which place the bones into their proper position and allow them to heal completely.

Dr. Shaw is uniquely qualified to treat these injuries as one of the few double board certified surgeons in both ENT Head and Neck Surgery and Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.