Rhinoplasty can remove a hump, increase or reduce the size of your nose, change the shape of either the tip or the bridge, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip.Most surgeons agree that Rhinoplasty is the most challenging of all facial operations. A great deal of artistic ability and surgical skill are required. Dr. Shaw utilizes his artistic background and his extensive training and expertise to give you a nose that not only is in harmony with your face, but also functions properly.

Rhinoplasty entails either removing bone or cartilage when there’s too much present or else adding bone or cartilage when there’s not enough. It is much like the work of a sculptor.  The overlying skin is allowed to redrape over the newly sculpted framework, resulting in the nose’s new appearance. Typically, rhinoplasty renders excellent results with no external scarring.

Dr. Shaw’s goal with his rhinoplasty patients is to give them a nose that appears natural, functions properly and is in balance and harmony with the rest of the face. Rhinoplasty is performed under general anesthesia as an outpatient. Recovery takes about one week.

Dr. Shaw does not use nasal packing in any of his operations, which makes patients’ recovery much less painful.

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To surgically refine the size and shape of the nose, which improves facial balance. Rhinoplasty may also be performed to improve obstructed breathing caused by prior surgery or trauma.

The Procedure

Incisions are placed within the nose, where they are not visible. In some cases, a small incision is hidden between the skin of the nostril, underneath the nose. The underlying cartilage and bone is sculpted to create the new shape. Dr. Shaw custom tailors the procedure based upon the patient’s specific nasal anatomy, facial structure, and unique features. A successful rhinoplasty improves facial harmony and draws attention away from the nose and toward the eyes.


General anesthesia (completely asleep)

Length Of Time

The amount of time for Rhinoplasty varies based upon the individual nose and necessary refinements. The procedure averages between one and a half to three hours. Rhinoplasty is performed in our state of the art, fully accredited outpatient surgical facility.

After Procedure

Most patients go home comfortably after the procedure. A cast may be placed for 5 days. Dr. Shaw does not use nasal packing.


Most patients return to work after 1 week and are back to full activities after 10 days. However, activities which risk traumatizing the nose should be limited for four to six weeks. Bruising around the eyes may occur in some cases, and can be camouflaged. Most patients feel remarkably well immediately after the procedure and have minimal pain which is alleviated with a mild narcotic. Dr. Shaw does NOT pack the nose after rhinoplasty which markedly helps minimize swelling and discomfort in the rhinoplasty recovery process.