Eyelid Surgery

Refresh Your Outlook on The World

The eyes are the most critical feature of our face. They hold the important job of conveying our emotions to those around us. Inviting, naturally appealing eyes are essential to a youthful appearance. As the keystone piece of the Natural Look, Dr. Shaw will work with you to give you the most natural and appealing eyes possible. Ask yourself; would you rather look tired and unapproachable, or open, inviting, and alluring?

Unfortunately, the eyes are the first part of the face to show aging. In certain families, aging eyelids are hereditary, characterized by excess upper eyelid skin and bulging bags under the eyes. This may present itself as early as the late teens to the early twenties. Fine wrinkles of the lateral eyelid skin, also known as crow’s feet, surface as early as the late twenties. Others have dark circles under the eyes resulting in a tired appearance.With his focus on reconstructive surgery and restoring a natural appearance to cancer or trauma patients, Dr. Shaw is uniquely qualified to understand the anatomy and give your eyes the natural beauty focus they deserve.

Eyelid surgery typically takes between one to two hours to complete and can be performed in Dr. Shaw’s modern office with a minimum amount of downtime. Scarring is minimal as the skin of the eyelid heals exceptionally quickly.

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