Ear Lobe Repair

It Was a Good Idea at the Time…

Some have changed their mind about gauging their ears. People with facial piercings decide that career goals or tastes have changed and the unsightly openings are a source of stress.

Repairing aging earlobes or body piercings takes advantage of the body’s natural tendency to heal. When the skin and scar tissue around the piercing has been removed, the two raw edges of tissue are held together and form a scar between them, healing without a hole. A small amount of tissue may be removed if there has been significant stretching. The result restores your natural looking ear.

Other facial piercings use the same principle. The scar and skin surrounding the piercing are removed, and the tissues are carefully closed to allow the hole to heal in a natural fashion.

Occasionally, there is a significant defect, such as in “gauging”, or when the earlobe was purposely stretched with increasingly larger plugs. This can also be repaired, but the surgery is somewhat more difficult and delicate, although still completed on an outpatient basis. All of these procedures can be performed in the office under local anesthesia.

Any change to your skin can leave a scar. When you meet with Dr. Shaw you can discuss his technique and skill to make scars imperceptible. Dr. Shaw takes more time than many surgeons when closing wounds to optimize results. His goal is to make the scar as invisible as possible.