Chin Implant

Add Balance To Your Face

Our chin is one of the most important, yet overlooked, features of our face. The chin is a keystone feature for achieving harmony and balance with other areas of the face. It has been well documented that a balanced chin stirs an innate psychological response when we look at a person’s face and subconsciously judge their character. A strong chin connotes health, decisiveness, strength and athleticism. Conversely, a weak chin can lead to perceptions of mistrust, weakness or premature aging.

Dr. Shaw takes a unique approach to considering your chin in relationship to your other facial features. The chin and jawline are some of the first areas to show signs of aging. In the era of Facebook and selfies, many people notice their jawline is not as sharp as they would like it to be. A chin implant can make a dramatic difference by erasing jowling and adding definition to the lower face. Chin implants can also help to balance a large nose by making the nose appear smaller. When evaluating patients for rhinoplasty, Dr. Shaw will always take the chin into consideration and make personalized recommendations for you.

Chin Implants

Dr. Shaw uses a specialized type of implant that is made from a material very similar to our own bones known as Medpor(TM)The advantage of this material over traditional silicone implants is that over time the body incorporates the implant and treats it like your own natural bone. This makes for a safe implant with very little chance of the implant moving over time. The implant also has a unique shape that tapers outward to cover most of the jawline. This makes for a more balanced and natural appearance and removes any evidence of edges or distinct transition areas.

Chin Surgery

All procedures are performed by Dr. Shaw himself and can be done with local anesthesia, light sedation, or general anesthesia. The procedures take from 30 minutes to 2 hours and you will be able to rest at home the same day. There is a small scar under the chin which heals very well and is usually not noticeable. There will be swelling and sometimes bruising for about 5 days after your procedure, though this generally improves rapidly. A bandage is worn for the first 24 hours and for a few nights thereafter. Pain is generally mild and Dr. Shaw will give you prescription pain medicine to take if you need to.

Chin Reduction Surgery

Although chin augmentation is more common, there are individuals with a chin that may appear too strong, overpowering the rest of the face. Dr. Shaw performs a unique chin reduction procedure that helps restore balance to the face. The lower portion of the jaw is carefully sculpted and then the neck area is tightened to give a natural appearance.