Not long ago I wrote a post about an exciting new tool to help with scar treatment which used our own body’s stem cells to heal itself. It is known as extracellular matrix. This treatment has been originally developed to help patients suffering from chronic non healing wounds as a result of diseases such as diabetes. I am constantly searching for new methods to help people with facial scarring, and I believe this treatment will be the next frontier.

One of my colleagues was suffering from a non healing wound on her leg after having a procedure known as sclerotherapy for treatment of varicose veins. Several weeks of wound care and dressings had done little to improve her condition. We decided to give the stem cell scar treatment a go.

The procedure is done in my office and takes less than 30 minutes and is painless. It involves cleaning the wound, putting the stem cell powder into the area and then placing a covering over the wound. After the procedure, wound care is simple and includes merely keeping the area clean and moist with ointment.

As you can see in the photos after 2 weeks there has been a significant improvement. The scar has completely filled in and is starting to resume its natural color. In a short time, the area should appear nearly completely normal as the body’s own stem cells take over and heal the wound.



Wound 2 weeks after treatment




Wound Before Treatment


We were both really excited with this early result, and will continue to update the progress. I plan on using this amazing technique on other types of scarring to help patients quickly return to a normal life.

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