Get rid of stubborn fat with the newest non-invasive laser body contouring technology in Richmond, VA.

The Procedure

SculpSure is a 25 minute procedure with no downtime that permanently removes fat cells through lipolysis by utilizing FDA-approved laser technology. Fat cells are then flushed out through your body’s lymphatic system during natural processes, and in about six weeks, patients can begin to see slimmer, more toned contours.

During the procedure, we’ll apply a belt-like device to the treatment area. The belt is designed to hold the laser applicators in place, and you will lay or rest during the 25 minutes. Most patients report only mild pain, if any at all.

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Permanently Destroys Stubborn Fat


Performed in Office and Takes 25 Minutes


No Downtime

The Results

The result of SculpSure is a permanent reduction in stubborn fat in your abdomen, love handles, back, or inner & outer thighs without surgery or downtime.

Since the laser specifically targets fat cells and no other surrounding nerves and tissue,  there is no suction, bruising, or numbness like with CoolSculpting.

Not only is SculpSure safe and Effective – but you can also resume normal activities immediately.

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Common Questions About SculpSure

How Long Does it Take?

A single area takes 25 minutes.

How Long Does it Last?

Fat Reduction obtained through SculpSure is permanent and can be maintained with healthy lifestyle choices like proper diet and exercise. 

Are There Any Alternatives?

We do not offer other services for body contouring/fat loss, as we’ve found SculpSure to be the safest and most effective treatment on the market.

Is Financing Available?

Yes. If you’re interested in learning more visit our financing page here.

Is it Painful?

SculpSure is usually not painful. You may experience some tingling from the warmth of the laser, however most patients report experiencing minimal pain.

How Much Does it Cost?

Because each patient is unique, a consultation is required with Dr. Shaw before we can give accurate pricing information. You can book a consultation by clicking ‘Book Appointment’ or completing the form at the bottom of this page.

What is Recovery Like? Is There Downtime or Medication?

For up to a week after treatment, you may experience soreness similar to a vigorous ab workout. However, there is no required downtime. You can immediately resume all normal activities like work or going to the gym. 

What is Sculpsure?

Sculpsure is a treatment for non-surgical, non-invasive fat reduction.

It is a laser that reduces fat using gentle heat in 25 minutes without downtime. Board certified facial plastic surgeon Dr Travis Shaw uses the SculpSure device from Cynosure. Sculpsure is FDA approved for the non-invasive reduction of fat in the abdomen, the love handles, and under the chin areas, but it can also be used to remove fat all over the body. The procedure can destroy up to 24% of treated fat cells without surgery. Subsequent treatments can destroy even more fat cells.

Before and 6 Weeks After 2nd Series

Am I a Candidate for Sculpsure?

The best candidates for SmartSculpt should be within 50 pounds of their ideal weight and should be otherwise healthy. The best results are seen in patients who have areas of diet and exercise-resistant fat that they want to remove without surgery or liposuction.

If your goal is to lose a great deal of weight, the procedure may not be the best option for you. But, if you have stubborn areas of fat that you can’t get rid of, Sculpsure is the revolutionary treatment that you’ve been looking for.

What Kind of Results Should I expect?

Sculpsure can permanently remove up to 24% of stubborn fat in a single treatment. Additional treatments will reduce fat even further. As long as your weight stays stable, the results are permanent.

Will My Fat Come Back After Treatment?

After puberty, our body does not make new fat cells. We gain and lose weight as each fat cell stores or burns more fat.

Sculpsure destroys the fat cells in the treated area forever, and they do not regenerate. However, if you were to gain a large amount of weight, the surrounding fat cells would become larger and make the results less noticeable.

Before and 12 Weeks After 2nd Series

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