Sculpsure Submental

Eliminate the dreaded double chin.

The Procedure

Sculpsure Submental is an FDA approved no downtime laser treatment to permanently destroy fat that causes a double chin. A specially designed transducer is placed under the chin. During the treatment, you will feel alternating waves of cool and heat for a total of 25 minutes. The laser specifically targets fat cells only, leaving skin, muscle, and nerves unaffected. Afterward, you can return to normal activities immediately. In the upcoming weeks, your body’s lymphatic system will clear away the fat cells that have been destroyed.

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1 Treatment, More if Needed


No Downtime: Safe to Resume Normal Activity


Performed in Office and Takes 15-30 Minutes

The Results

The fat cells of your double chin are permanently destroyed by the Sculpsure laser. You can expect a smoother chin and jawline, without the unsightly bulge in your neck. You should expect to need 2-3 treatments to obtain optimal results. In the FDA study for Sculpsure submental, the procedure had a 100% patient satisfaction rate. Click here to see photos of the amazing results from this procedure

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Common Questions About Sculpsure Submental

How Long Does it Take?
The procedure takes just 25 minutes to complete.
How Long Does it Last?
Provided your weight remains stable, the results are permanent. Of course, diet, overall health, and genetics can play a role in results.
Are There Any Alternatives?
Kybella injections can be an alternative, as well as surgical liposuction
Is Financing Available?
Is it Painful?
During the procedure, you will feel alternating waves of cool and heat. Just as with a hot shower, some people feel uncomfortable while others feel quite normal. We also use cool packs around the treatment area, which greatly enhances your comfort.
How Much Does it Cost?
Yes, it is. And this is the answer to that frequent question.
What is Recovery Like? Is There Downtime or Medication?
There is no downtime, you can have the procedure during your lunch break and return to all activities right away. No medications are needed.

What Our Patients Have to Say

“From the warm reception of his staff to the perfectly performed procedures the experience here is nothing short of spectacular. Dr. Travis Shaw puts you at ease and really listens to give you exactly what you want. ”


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“Everything as promised! Professional staff and they told me I would be in and out in about a hour and I was! Dr. Shaw gave me a very thorough explanation of the procedure and I am confident in this practice.“


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“Dr.Shaw is great at what he does. Explains procedures pretty well, very thorough and makes one understand every step of the process. I will definitely be coming back soon. Thank you Dr.Shaw for what you do.”


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