Scar Removal

Scar Correction in Richmond, VA

Every scar has a story and, unfortunately, many scars – whether caused by acne, injury or other circumstances – are a daily reminder of a difficult time or situation. At our Center for Scar Solutions in Richmond, VA, we make it so that you don’t have to live with your scars. For patients looking for scar correction or acne scar treatment in Richmond, VA, or the surrounding areas, such as Fairfax County, our office offers a multitude of treatment options.

Scar Correction in Fairfax County

Because every scar presents a different challenge for a surgeon, I will decide between multiple scar correction treatments depending on your unique situation.

For some circumstances, usually involving larger or deeper scars or reconstructive surgeries, our offices in Richmond, VA, now offer a new product known as Matristem TM extracellular matrix. This is a groundbreaking new treatment that, when applied to tissue, recruits stem cells to an area of the skin to tell the cells to repair themselves in a normal, functional way. The procedure causes the body to create new “regular” skin tissue instead of scar tissue.

If your scar correction treatment needs primarily concern acne scars, a great option is laser treatment using the Lumenis Ultrapulse fractionated CO2 and the PicoSure lasers. These are the most advanced tools available for the job, and works by stimulating new collagen to form at the bottom of an acne scar, then causing it to blend in with surrounding tissue.

We also use microneedling, which was discovered as a technique after dermatologists noted that skin with tattoos tends to be very smooth and taut. The Derma Pen used for this technique was invented after doctors replicated the effect using tattoo guns without ink. This procedure is great for eliminating or reducing the appearance of acne scars and surgical marks.

Whatever your scar situation, if you need scar treatment in the Washington, DC, Fairfax County, VA, or Richmond, VA areas, call our office at (804) 775-4559 to schedule a consultation and learn more about your options for scar removal.

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