Laser Rejuvenation

Lose 10 Years in 5 Days

Dr. Shaw offers the newest technology for laser facials and resurfacing in Richmond, VA

If you would like to take 10-20 years of aging off your face in a matter of minutes with 3-5 days of downtime, then laser facial resurfacing may be right for you.

Lasers have garnered a great deal of media attention in the last several years. Unfortunately, much of this attention has led to public confusion on what lasers are, how they work and how exactly they can rejuvenate the face.

Many people may have heard stories from friends about lasers and laser facials: they don’t really work, they are incredibly painful or they make you look red for 6 months.

Some of these stories are undoubtedly true. The reason why: the term “laser” is like the term “tool.” There are hundreds of different types of lasers that have different purposes, just like there are hundreds of types of tools- each with a specific purpose. If you tried to use a pair of pliers to saw a board in half, it wouldn’t work very well. Similarly, if you tried to use a hair removal laser to rejuvenate the face, it wouldn’t work very well either.

The other reason for these stories is that today there are thousands of people offering laser facial resurfacing treatments, from strip mall “spas,” to gynecologists and plastic surgeons. This proliferation of providers can lead to less than optimal outcomes, when the wrong laser is used, or even if the right laser is put into the wrong hands. As a facial plastic surgeon, I wouldn’t tell you I could deliver your baby; should your OB/GYN be rejuvenating your face?

In order to ensure consistently excellent results, the right tool needs to be in the right hands.

Dr. Shaw offers the newest laser technology for rejuvenation: The Picosure and Ultrapulse lasers.

The Picosure laser can deliver impressive rejuvenation results without the pain and downtime of other lasers. Picosure helps treat sun damage, dark age spots, fine lines, and improves tone and texture. It can be used on the face, chest, arms, hands, and any other areas. Each treatment lasts about 15 minutes and 3-4 sessions are needed for optimal results. Patients typically describe a couple hours of redness, but no other side effects.

Picosure uses the newest laser technology: combining heat and acoustic energy to deliver optimal results.

Dr. Shaw is a PicoSure instructor and laser expert. He travels to teach other physicians the safest and most effective techniques in lasers.

* Disclaimer : Individual results may vary.

The Lumenis Ultrapulse fractionated CO2 laser represents the pinnacle in CO2 laser facial rejuvenation, confirmed in numerous medical studies:

The Ultrapulse laser is capable of six different treatments: CO2 Lite, Pigment Fx, Active FX, Deep FX, and Total FX.

  1. CO2 Lite  is a gentle treatment that can give excellent results with a series of treatments with minimal downtime.
  2. Pigment FX  treatment precisely targets sun damage and brown spots to give a clean, refreshed looking face.
  3. Active FX  treatment very precisely removes layers of damaged skin to a pre-determined depth.
  4. Deep FX treatment provides additional tightening by promoting collagen growth. It is extremely effective for textural irregularities (such as acne scars) and deep wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.
  5. When both the Active FX and Deep FX are performed, this is termed a ‘Total FX’ treatment. Downtime for these procedures is typically less than a week.
  6. SCARR FX applies laser energy deep into scars to encourage collagen remodeling.

The Ultrapulse is the right tool for :

o   Deep wrinkles and lines around the eyes and mouth

o   Fine lines along the cheeks

o   Sun damage, brown spots or skin discoloration

o   Acne scars

o   Loose skin around the eyes and eyelids

o   Large skin pores

o   Fine lines, brown spots and sun damage on the neck and chest

The Ultrapulse is the wrong tool for:

o   Spider veins

o   Hair removal

o   Rosacea

o   Tattoo removal

o   Port Wine stains

If you have any of the above concerns that are not treated with the Ultrapulse or PicoSure lasers, please click the links below for more information.

In sum, for laser facial rejuvenation, laser facial resurfacing and scar treatments in Washington, DC, Richmond, VA, or Fairfax County, VA, look no further than the offices of Dr. Shaw.

In order to achieve the desired rejuvenation results, a clinician must be properly trained not just in how to use the Lumenis Ultrapulse fractionated CO2 laser, but also the six different treatments it is capable of: CO2 Lite, Pigment FX, Active FX, Deep FX, Total FX and SCARR FX. Dr. Shaw is double board certified and a laser expert.  Dr. Shaw also has a passion for helping patients with scar revision or acne scar treatment in Richmond, VA

With the myriad of lasers that Dr. Shaw offers, he can customize a treatment plan for you based on your goals and desired downtime. If you seek facial resurfacing and rejuvenation or scar correction in Fairfax County, Richmond, VA, or DC, contact us for a complimentary consultation.

* Disclaimer : Individual results may vary.