Do you look tired or angry even when you had a great night’s rest and are excited to be heading out for a day with the boys?


Botox for Men

Do you work out in the gym but still cannot make a difference in that little bit of fat under your chin?

Would you like to look more like the 30-something you?

We can help. We offer the latest treatments to help men regain their confidence and swagger in a discreet, private environment by a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. Dr. Shaw understands what makes the male face unique and the importance of discretion for his male patients. The most common comment we hear from our patients is that friends and co-workers noticed that they looked more refreshed, but had no idea that any work had been done.

The most popular plastic surgery for men in Richmond include Botox to soften the tired or angry look; facial resurfacing to give rejuvenated skin and take away dark spots, rhinoplasty to change the shape of the nose; eyelid surgery to open and brighten the eyes; liposuction to get rid of excess neck fat; and non surgical hair restoration.

If you would like to lean more about how Dr. Shaw can help you regain your confidence with subtle yet strong results in a private environment, call our office for a free consultation at 804-775-4559 or send us an email. 

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