We are proud to be offering patients the latest technology in laser tattoo removal- the Discovery Pico Plus laser

This laser offers several advantages over older tattoo laser technology:

  • Speed- Discovery Pico treats tattoos in about half the number of sessions
  • Safety- Safe for all  skin types including ethnic skin
  • Effectiveness-  the Discovery shatters tattoo ink 100 times faster than other lasers and disrupts pigment on the molecular level

I have used conventional tattoo removal lasers known as Q Switched lasers, which have been the mainstay of tattoo removal for many years and usually are very effective. Treatments with Q Switch lasers take between 10-25 treatments, depending on the color and the type of ink used. These lasers break pigment into fragments that were small enough to have the body carry them away, but were relatively large.

The Pico tattoo laser is 100 times faster than a Q Switched laser. Pico pulses at a trillionth of a second, where Q Switched pulses at a billionth of a second. In terms of breaking up pigment, this means that more energy can be delivered to the tattoo safely without harming the surrounding tissues. This energy also breaks the pigment into microscopic pieces which can be more easily cleared by the body.

Picosure laser tattoo Richmond


The Discovery Pico can be used safely in all skin types, including black skin.

We are so confident that you will love the results that we allow a free test drive of the laser before you make any commitment. Just call the office at (804)775-4559 and we will treat a small area of your tattoo for free.  Read more about the advantages Dr. Shaw’s Smart Laser tattoo removal offers.

This laser is also very effective in helping rejuvenate the face by removing fine lines and sun damage or age spots. It recently received the FDA indication for acne scar removal as well. We are also using it for treatment of stretch marks.


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Dr Travis Shaw is a  double board certified facial plastic surgeon and is an expert in the use of lasers and energy based devices. We are offering Discovery Pico laser tattoo removal for patients from Midlothian, Chester, Williamsburg, Short Pump and Richmond VA. (804)775-4559