The salamander’s claim to fame has always been its ability to regenerate body parts that have been lost to a hungry bird or fish. Human fetuses can repair tissue in the womb without any evidence of scarring. Thanks to a new product known as Matristem TM extracellular salamander-picture1-300x216matrix, surgeons are now able to help patients regenerate body parts after trauma, cancer, or scarring.

Extracellular matrix is the natural scaffolding framework that underlies all tissues and organs in people as well as animals. This scaffolding lays down a foundation to generate a body part and also signals cells to grow or repair tissues and organs. As outlined in theNew York Times, the US Military is currently using this product to help wounded veterans from Iraq and Afghanistan.

Here is how it works: when the body is injured, the immune system gets signaled that there is a problem, and releases cells and chemicals which cause inflammation and scar tissue. Scar tissue has abnormal collagen and fewer blood vessels and nerves than normal tissue. This is why scars often seem hard and numb. When Matristem is applied to tissue, it does not stimulate the body to form a scar. Instead, it recruits stem cells into the area to tell the cells to repair themselves in a normal and functional way. The body creates new, normal tissue, not scar tissue.acell-finger-regrowth-powder1-233x300

Matristem has been used as scar treatment to regrow amputated fingertips, noses lost to cancer, and leg muscles lost to roadside bombs.

As a facial surgeon, I am incredibly excited about this technology to help facial trauma or cancer victims grow normal functional tissue, or help remove acne or other facial scarring. I strongly believe we are just on the cusp of this wonderful technology and that moving forward, the possibilities are endless.




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