Botox is generally synonymous with people who want to battle the effects of aging skin (i.e. wrinkling), so naturally the treatment is popular among an aging demographic. But if you’re a member of the millennial generation, although your skin may look pretty healthy and tight today, it’s smart not to put the idea of utilizing a Botox filler on the back burner just yet, because it has proven benefits for you, too. In thinking about the future, more and more millennials are turning to us for skin tightening treatments at our Richmond, VA office. Here’s why:

It’s an effective preventative measure

A young person who takes care of themselves, eats right and exercises, like you do, probably has pretty good-looking skin. But, unfortunately, those days aren’t going to last forever.

Don’t bust out the frowny-face emojis just yet though, because you can use Botox as a preventative measure against the onset of wrinkling skin later down the road. If you’re still thinking something like, “My skin will look tight and be wrinkle free forever!” science begs to differ. As people grow older, they experience what we like to refer to as the “3D’s” of aging skin. They stand for:

  • Deflation, or sagging
  • Descent, or when skin loosens and deflates
  • Deterioration, causing discoloration

Botox can be used before these symptoms occur to help prevent them from happening later on in life.

Wrinkling could be here already

Especially if you frown or scrunch and crumple your forehead often, the effects could be setting in already. It’s not uncommon for people in their 20s who engage in this behavior and already show visible signs of wrinkling. Treating it with Botox now is an excellent way to reverse those unpleasant consequences.

It’s affordable

If you’re a millennial, you’re at the beginning stages of your career, and between student loans, car payments and last Friday’s trip to the bar, expendable income may sound like a foreign phrase. Cosmetic surgery may seem out of the question in terms of affordability, but fortunately for you Botox is very affordable.

It’s a quick process

You’re far too busy to consider taking time off to get cosmetic surgery, but again Botox isn’t surgery. It’s just a series of quick injections, so it’s not uncommon for the whole process to take about 5 minutes. You’ll stop in, receive the injections, then go right back about your busy day like nothing ever happened.

There you have it. Young people are seeking Botox fillers because they’re preventative, affordable, quick and easy, or because wrinkling is already setting in, and the results are clear: It works!

Millennials who want to take a shot at Botox, or anyone who is interested in a similar procedure, like our non-invasive facelift in Richmond, VA, should get in touch with us. We’ll be glad to point you in the right direction.