Meet Dr. Shaw

Dr. Shaw was inspired by a trip he took with his father to Kjabe Mission Hospital in Kenya. During this trip, he witnessed many patients who had facial deformities. He brought this inspiration back to Richmond and after working for one of the most respectable Ear, Nose, and Throat practices in Virginia, the Richmond native felt the need to grow and expand as an individual by starting his own practice.

Inspiration truly hit home when Dr. Shaw performed a reconstructive surgery on a domestic violence victim who was shot by her husband in the face while holding her infant daughter. “Your outward appearance is often a reflection of how you feel on the inside,” states Dr. Shaw. His hope with this surgery was to help the victim with her outward appearance, which would, in turn, help her heal on the inside. Through a program called Face to Face, Dr. Shaw was able to perform the life-changing surgery at no cost to the patient, rebuilding the area around her eye and restoring symmetry to her face.

Dr. Travis Shaw obtained his BA in East Asian studies from Washington and Lee University. He spent two and a half years teaching English in Japan before pursuing graduate studies at the University of Virginia. Dr. Shaw completed medical school and his residency training at VCU’s Medical College of Virginia.

Dr. Shaw is board certified by the American Board of Otolaryngology and the American Board of Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery.

Dr. Shaw’s Humanitarian Efforts

Philanthropy has been a strong force in Dr. Shaw’s life before deciding to become a physician, and now is a cornerstone of his current practice.

Dr. Shaw’s father is a physician in Newport News, Va. and instilled in his son a deep sense of responsibility to care for others. The senior Dr. James Shaw donated his time on medical missions to the Ukraine and the Dominican Republic before founding the Lackey Free Medical Clinic near Yorktown. The senior Dr. Shaw started the faith-based clinic in the back room of a church on Thursday nights and watched it grow into one of the largest free clinics in the state, delivering over 5.8 million dollars in free care last year to those in need.

HumanitarianDuring his second year in Medical school, Dr. Travis Shaw set out with his father to Kjabe Hospital in Kenya. During this trip, he witnessed many patients who had facial deformities.

While a resident at MCV, Dr. Shaw was a part of a cleft lip and palate mission to Belize as part of the World Pediatric Project Their team of four surgeons spent a week operating on children with cleft lip and palate deformities, as well as those with congenital defects of the ear.

Dr. Shaw performs free reconstructive surgery on domestic violence victims through the program Face To Face.

Dr. Shaw is a proud participant in the Access Now program. This network of Richmond physician volunteers provides specialty medical care for disadvantaged individuals who lack health insurance and would otherwise not be unable to receive specialty medical care. This dedicated network of volunteers has donated more than 15 million dollars in care.

To contact Dr. Shaw call 804-775-4559 or click here.

Dr. Shaw talks about inspiration.