Laser Scar Treatment in Richmond, VA

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Scar before and after treatment by Dr. Shaw

At our offices in Richmond, VA, one of the most common questions patients have is, “how much does laser scar removal cost?”

The site does a nice job of bringing patients together to share information and experiences, and to allow patients to learn about surgical procedures directly from facial plastic surgeons, general plastic surgeons and dermatologists. RealSelf also often gives a breakdown of costs of certain procedures, and a Google search of laser scar removal costs brings up RealSelf as one of the top organic hits. If you are searching for procedures like acne scar treatment in Richmond, VA, Washington, DC, or the surrounding areas, we can also arrange for you to contact some of our former and current clients to find out more about the experience firsthand.

Scar Treatment in Washington, DC

With laser treatments, smaller scars measuring an inch or less generally cost $200-$300, depending upon the location and the complexity of the scar. Larger scars might cost closer to $800-$1,000. Keloid scars are quite complex and require aggressive treatment and, therefore, cost around $1,800.

The reason for the expense in treating scars relates to the cost of the laser that a surgeon might choose to use. New lasers cost from $150,000 to $200,000, and require a great deal of skill and training in order to be used safely and effectively. Sure, you can go one of the multitude of spas in a shopping mall and probably save some money, but do you really know who is on the other end of the laser and what training they have had? I perform all laser treatments personally and do not use laser techs, nurses or any other physician extenders. If you’re looking for scar correction in Fairfax County, Richmond, VA, or Washington, DC, my facilities and expertise are absolutely your safest option. In sum, with laser scar removal your price will ultimately depend on the experience of the technician, the size and complexity of the scar, the number of treatments and the standard price for your area.

The Lumenis Ultrapulse laser I use is state of the art for laser scar removal, and gives incredible results in 1-2 treatments. I also often combine laser scar treatment with platelet rich plasma (PRP) applied topically right after the laser. PRP has been shown in the medical literature to help speed the healing process and improve skin texture and color. Learn more about platelet rich plasma here.

If you would like to have a free consultation to discuss laser scar removal costs, please call our office at (804) 775-4559.


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