Cost for laser hair removal services varies widely from geographical locations. Just like lunch in New York is going to be more expensive than Richmond, so is laser hair removal. The other factor which affects laser hair removal cost is the setting: Almost every salon and spa in town now offers laser hair removal. The prices in these settings tend to be cheaper than laser hair removal performed in a plastic surgeon’s office. The tradeoff for paying less is the knowledge of who the laser operator is. Here in Richmond, VA, there are no real laws which govern who can operate a laser. This means that pretty much anyone from a salon can pick up the laser and start removing hair. This can raise safety concerns, as patients can actually be burned by lasers when used improperly. Some salons may use lasers that are not optimized for laser hair removal. I have treated patients who came from so-called “medical spas” with scars or damage from the wrong laser being used on their skin.

In our office, safety is the number one concern. Our laser machine is state of the art for hair removal. It uses a special technology which reads the amount of pigment in a patients skin and then puts in the correct laser settings. This means that the laser is safe for all skin types, and maximizes patient safety. All our laser hair removal specialists are trained personally by myself and the laser manufacturers before ever treating a patient.

When considering laser hair removal cost, it is important to remember that just because a particular place is cheaper or is offering Groupon discounts, it does not mean that it is the place for you.  Laser hair removal is a medical service, not a commodity for the lowest bidder. Make certain you choose somewhere with the newest technology and that the laser operators have been properly trained. Don’t be afraid to ask them their credentials, as well as recommendations from former patients.

In Richmond, VA most prices start at around $100 per session from small areas like the upper lip, up to $325 for larger areas. Treatments are repeated every 4-6 weeks for several sessions. After that, an occasional touch up may be needed in the upcoming years.

Our most popular price point for laser hair removal is our VIP packages. Substantial savings up to 60% are offered when a package is purchased. The VIP status also gets you discounts on Botox and dermal fillers, skin care products, and services from Richmond’s top voted salon Bombshell Brazilian Beauty Lounge.

Laser hair removal in Richmond VA. Fast, safe, effective. VIP discounts available. Dr Travis Shaw double board certified facial plastic surgeon. (804)775-4559