Common and Rare Kybella Side Effects

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Before and After Kybella

We have now been injecting Kybella for patients in Richmond for about 4 months and fortunately, have seen some great results and very few Kybella side effects.

In our patient population, the most common side effect has been temporary swelling which resolves in 3-7 days. I have just changed my Kybella injection technique to help minimize swelling. When I was trained this spring on the product, we were instructed to numb the area with injections of Lidocaine prior to Kybella. What I found was that in actuality with this technique I was doubling the amount of fluid put into the double chin! Since then, I have stopped Lidocaine injection entirely, and now use ice before, during and after the injections to make patients comfortable. This is really helping with swelling. Patients who have had both techniques have told me they much prefer the icing, and that it is actually more comfortable as the Lidocaine stings when injected. I also have patients wear a stretching dressing for the first few evenings as this also cuts down on swelling.

The other most common Kybella side effects I have seen have been some lumps and numbness in the treatment area. Once again fortunately, these have been temporary and are resolving with time. Patients have also said these side effects did not really bother them, as they were so excited with the results.




In the original FDA studies, the side effects included those I mentioned above, as well as asymmetrical smile, difficulty swallowing, redness, warmth, itching, and bruising at the injection site. I have only had one patient bruise, and that was actually due to the Lidocaine injection which I no longer use. Bruising can be minimized by avoiding aspirin or NSAIDs 10 days prior to injection. The icing technique also helps minimize this risk. For patients who bruise easily, I recommend eating fresh pineapple for a few days around the time of treatment. Fresh pineapple contains a compound called bromine which can help minimize bruising.

Common side effects

  • swelling
  • lumps
  • numbness


Rare Side Effects

  • redness
  • itching
  • asymmetrical smile
  • difficulty swallowing
  • brusing


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Dr Travis Shaw MD is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon. He is one of the first surgeons selected to offer Kybella injections in Richmond VA.