New treatment option for the permanent and painless removal of keloid scars. The mainstay of therapy for keloid scars has been either injection with steroids with the hope of gradual shrinking or surgical excision. Both of these options often failed and resulted in the recurrence of the keloid.

CryoShape is a new treatment that uses liquid nitrogen to freeze the scar completely from the inside out, resulting in complete and permanent removal. The other advantage of this option is that the risk of changing the color of surrounding tissue is very low.

This is a surgical procedure performed in my office. Local anesthesia is injected into the area so that it is completely numb. During the procedure patients feel only pressure, no pain, no cold. A probe is placed into the center of the scar and liquid nitrogen then freezes the scar completely. In the upcoming days, the scar tissue turns dark and then disappears. There is generally no pain after the treatment.




Keloid on ear before Cryoshape




Keloid on ear before Cryoshape



Keloid Before Cryoshape


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Keloid Scar Removal in Richmond, Va.

Travis Shaw, M.D. is a double board certified Facial Plastic and ENT surgeon serving Richmond, Williamsburg and Fredricksburg.