I have been recently writing in my blog about scar treatment strategies and keloid removal. I wanted to write today about one of our greatest keloid removal success stories.

This gentleman had suffered with a very large keloid on the side of his head. He had undergone multiple injections and surgeries with other physicians, only to have the keloid rapidly return. It was in a very difficult location on his head which made it impossible to hide. The keloid was a source of embarrassment and shame for him.



Keloid removal 2 months after


Before keloid removal


He is 2 months out from the in office Cryoshape procedure and has complete resolution of the keloid. The pink skin in the second photo is the new normal tissue which is forming. This will turn to a more natural color in the upcoming weeks.

Cryoshape has revolutionized keloid removal. Other treatments had a 40-70% failure rate. Cryoshape has been shown to be 90% effective at permanent keloid removal.

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