Lip filler is becoming one of the most popular requested treatments that we offer here in the practice.

The results we have been giving our patients are nothing short of amazing. Juvéderm Ultra XC has been the number one filler for the lips for years, as it gives consistent volumization and shape without side effects.

Volbella is a newer lip filler from Allergan, the parent company of Botox and Juvéderm. Volbella is a little bit different than Juvéderm in that it’s a really nice soft product, it doesn’t take on as much fluid as does regular Juvéderm Ultra. Volbella just gives a little bit of volume enhancement and incredible hydration aroujnd the lips or in thinner areas like little lipstick lines or smoker’s lines around the mouth. Because it is soft, it performs extremely well in these areas.

For filling in lip lines, a very small amount of Volbella is placed into each line area and then gently massage is performed to smooth out the filler.  You don’t get a whole lot of swelling or anything else with this product. Restylane Silk was a great filler for lines, but patients have considerable swelling after injection, and for this reason, I no longer use it in my practice. As Volbella is thinner than other fillers, we must be a little bit more careful that we inject very small amounts so as not to overfill. I like to do what’s called the cross-hatching technique where I’ll just come right into the area of the line and then fan and cross hatch to lift the line and give the precise amount of Volbella needed. Then, as mentioned, gentle massage to smooth the area.

Volbella is a perfect lip filler for patients who would like a subtle enhancement, increased hydration, or to lift outlines around the mouth. For patients who want more plumpness in their lips, Juvederm Ultra XC is an excellent choice. The 2 fillers can also be combined to give an even more impressive result: Juvederm to add volume, then Volbella to shape and add hydration.

If you are looking to enhance your lips, we will discuss your personal goals concerning lip filler and make custom recommendations for you. Please request a consultation on this website or give us a call at (804) 775-4559