The Latest in Non Invasive Skin Tightening- ThermiTight


First and foremost, ThermiTight is a one time procedure, and it works.

All three of these procedures use a similar concept: applying energy to tissues to affect skin tightening, with the goal of non-surgical rejuvenation.

The most common thing I hear from patients is “Dr Shaw, what can you do about my neck?” In years past the only real option was liposuction or surgery. Both of these procedures have significant downtime, which is not practical for most busy people.

I have been researching and exploring non surgical skin tightening for years as I have wanted to offer a procedure with little to no downtime, real results and made patients happy. Several of my friends who are plastic surgeons offer Ultherapy and Thermage, and I asked them what they thought about the results and if it made their patients happy. The best answer I got was “Well, its pretty good.” They might as well have said “Meh.”

When I heard about ThermiTight I was initially impressed with the before and after photos I saw, but initially skeptical as a surgeon. It did look like a great facelift alternative for skin tightening. When I learned it could be used on other areas of the body such as the abdomen, arms and thighs, I became even more interested. I talked to about 10 surgeons who were using the device and they could not have given higher recommendations. They were all getting excellent results with only one treatment.

Here is a list of some of the reasons why I think ThermiLift is superior to Ulthera or Thermage:

Injectable Energy: Both Ultherapy and Thermage use a hand piece which is placed on top of the skin and then deliver energy into the deeper tissues. The reason that these procedures have to be repeated over and over is that too much energy in one session would burn the skin. ThermiLift is like a deep injection of energy directly to the tissues the surgeon is trying to target. Because Thermi is under and not on top of the skin, there is no risk of burns. And because I can directly target tissue, only a single procedure is needed.

Reliable Results: Using a hand piece the operator cannot see exactly where he or she is treating, and they don’t have precise control over exactly where and how deep they are delivering energy to achieve skin tightening. ThermiTIght is the only device to use technology known as Forward Looking Infra Red or FLIR. These special cameras are now used on the latest military aircraft. The FLIR camera on the Thermi device gives real-time constant information to me on tissue temperature so I can precisely control the amount of energy used and obtain consistently reliable results.

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FLIR Image of skin temperature

Safety: The ThermiTight has 2 separate fail-safe mechanisms to ensure precision treatment without the risks of burns. At the tip of the Thermi probe there is a sensor which constantly monitors the temperature of the tissues around the probe. If for any reason the safe temperature is exceeded, the unit automatically stops the energy and alerts the surgeon. The FLIR camera also allows real time monitoring of the temperature on the outside of the skin so that safe temperatures are not exceeded.

Patient Satisfaction: All of this technology means nothing if it does not make my patients happy. As part of my research on these devices, I looked into what actual patients who had the procedure were saying and if they were happy afterwords. The plastic surgery rating site is an open forum where patients can talk about procedures they had done and also get direct advice from surgeons. ThermiTight has a  95% worth it rating. That is even better than Botox’s rating. In contrast, Ultherapy has a 62% worth it score and Thermage comes in at 32% worth it. In terms of making people happy with a procedure, ThermiTight is unbeatable.

One of the ideas I am really excited about is combining the fat melting drug Kybella with the ThermiTight, and then giving some external skin tightening with laser.  This may avoid a facelift in all but the worst cases.

If you would are interested in tighter skin, non surgical facelift alternatives, or just looking and feeling better in one procedure without downtime, call the office today for a free consultation (804)775-4559.

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Dr Travis Shaw MD is a double board certified facial plastic surgeon in Richmond VA. He specializes in surgical and non surgical facial rejuvenation.