Finish Your Weight Loss Journey With SculpSure

You’ve sweated it out at the gym, cut out some of your favorite foods, and your hard work is finally coming to fruition. But you’re still just a little bit shy of your weight loss goals. Why not let us take over from here with our body contouring service?

At Travis Shaw MD,  our goal is essentially your goal — to help you feel good about the body you’re in. When it comes to weight loss, we understand that it can be a tough journey, especially toward the end, which is why we offer body contouring to close the gap and get you to your ideal body shape.

Here’s a look at our body contouring procedure to give you an idea of how we can help you put the finishing touches on your weight loss efforts.

SculpSure is a non-invasive, FDA-approved laser fat removal treatment option. SculpSure is a body sculpting device created to deliver optimal fat reduction and body contouring with no downtime. This treatment is safe, effective, and can quickly deliver the results you’re looking for.

With SculpSure, we deliver laser energy through your skin, without harming the surface area, to target the fat cells below. The energy heats up and destroys these cells, leaving your body to flush them away naturally.

SculpSure is safe to use almost anywhere on your body, including your:

Each treatment takes just 25 minutes, and we typically recommend a series of treatments for the best results, which we can determine during your consultation. The treatments are spread out by several weeks to allow time for your body to process the damaged fat cells.

As you progress through your treatments, your results will gradually reveal themselves, and by 6-12 weeks after your final SculpSure session, you’ll be rewarded with a slimmer body that best shows off your weight loss journey.*

Maintaining your results

SculpSure works by reducing the overall number of fat cells in your treatment areas. And while these fat cells don’t regenerate, your remaining fat cells can still grow in size if you slip away from your diet. So be sure to continue your healthier eating habits and exercise regimen to maintain the great new shape you’ve acquired through weight loss and body contouring.

If your stubborn body fat is causing you to have a negative self-image, Travis Shaw, MD may help. He and his award-winning staff of professionals are dedicated to improving the health and beauty of the Richmond community. Make an appointment to discuss laser fat removal and body contouring with SculpSure today by texting/calling (804) 775-4559 or submitting your information via our website link.