Rhinoplasty FAQs

My nose feels constantly blocked and I can no longer breathe well when I exercise. What could this be?

Nasal obstruction can be caused by a multitude of conditions. Your nasal anatomy could be distorted causing a narrowing in the air passages or your sinuses may not be draining properly causing inflammation and frequent infections. You may also be suffering from allergies or even reactions to certain medications. Dr. Shaw and his staff will take the time to discuss your exact problem and how it is affecting your life. Dr. Shaw will then perform a thorough examination of the outside and inside of your nose. This most often will include using a very small video camera which will enable Dr. Shaw to see your airways and the drainage pathways of your sinuses. This takes about two minutes and is not painful. Dr. Shaw will then thoroughly discuss your particular problem and make suggestions on the best way to address these problems and together find a treatment plan you are most comfortable with.

As a double board certified surgeon, Dr. Shaw is uniquely qualified in surgical solutions such as rhinoplasty, septoplasty and office-based balloon sinuplasty. If surgery is not what is required, Dr. Shaw will discuss all of the medical options and often recommend allergy testing.


I have been unhappy with the appearance of my nose since I was a teenager. What can be done to make it look better?

Rhinoplasty is an operation that may be done for two reasons: to change the appearance of the nose or to improve the function of the nose so that a person may breathe better. Rhinoplasty can remove a hump, reduce or increase the size of your nose, change the shape of either the tip or the bridge, or change the angle between your nose and your upper lip.

Most surgeons agree that rhinoplasty is the most challenging of all facial operations. A great deal of artistic ability and surgical skill are required. Dr. Shaw utilizes his artistic background and his extensive training and expertise to give you a nose that not only is in harmony with your face, but that functions properly.

Rhinoplasty entails either removing bone or cartilage when there’s too much present or adding bone or cartilage when there’s not enough. It is much like the work of a sculptor. The nose is then repositioned and sculpted to correct the deformity. The overlying skin is allowed to redrape over the newly created framework, resulting in the nose’s new appearance. Typically, rhinoplasty renders excellent results with no external scarring.

Though most rhinoplasty patients are in the younger age groups, excellent results can also be obtained by patients in their fifties, sixties and beyond.

Dr. Shaw’s goal with his rhinoplasty patients is to produce a nose that appears natural, functions properly and is in balance and harmony with the rest of the face.

I would like to avoid an operation on my nose; are there any non-surgical nose job options?

Dr. Shaw is a certified instructor in facial fillers, which are now being utilized not only to rejuvenate the face but also to perform non-surgical nose jobs to change the appearance of the nose without the downtime associated with a rhinoplasty operation.

The non-surgical nose job is a safe procedure performed in the office in about 15 minutes. Dr. Shaw will minimize your discomfort by using a topical anesthetic cream and then mixing an injectable anesthetic into the filler material.

Dr. Shaw uses his artistic skill and expertise with filler to inject material in very small amounts into precise anatomic areas of the nose. Dr. Shaw will then visit with you two to three weeks after the initial procedure to check that the results are perfect. If needed, small touch up injections are performed.

In this way, the non-surgical nose job can make a bumpy nose look smaller by camouflaging the bumps and straightening the profile. Dr. Shaw can also help straighten a crooked nose, raise a droopy tip and correct contour irregularities from post surgical rhinoplasty scarring. Correcting these imperfections makes the nose more symmetric and in harmony with the rest of the face. The nose blends in, is less noticeable and therefore appears smaller. Dr. Shaw’s goal is a nose that fits your unique face, is natural appearing, and that no one can tell that you had anything done.

This is an excellent technique for those who wish to avoid surgery, but it is not for everyone. The non-surgical nose job cannot correct an obstructed airway, straighten a crooked septum, or narrow the tip of the nose.

Non-surgical rhinoplasty can certainly be an excellent option for the right patients. The advantages of this procedure include reduced downtime, ease of reversibility and cost. However, not every nose can properly be addressed through the use of fillers and Botox and the effects are often temporary.