Researching Coolsculpting and SculpSure on the internet can quickly become overwhelming when trying to decide between these body contouring devices. The surgeons with Coolsculpting will say that their machine is the best, and vice versa, surgeons with SculpSure will say that theirs is.

I will give you some of my own personal thoughts and observations. As a surgeon, I did quite a bit of research on both procedures prior to deciding to offer SculpSure over Coolsculpting to my Richmond patients. I will try to outline the similarities and differences in hopes of helping you choose which procedure is best for you.

Double board certified Facial Plastic surgeon Dr Travis Shaw explains why he uses the newer laser technology of Sculpsure rather than the older Coolsculpting technology to reduce unwanted body fat without surgery or downtime. Dr Shaw is located in Richmond VA.


Both machines permanently destroy fat cells.
Patient satisfaction- both have around 80% worth it ratings



SculpSure® is 25 minutes for one area, Coolsculpting is 50 minutes. Take the flanks (love handles) as an example- you can treat both flanks in one 25 minute session with SculpSure®. Because of the design of Coolsculpting, you would have to treat each flank separately at 50 minutes each. So, 25 minutes vs 100 minutes. Which would you rather do?


Is not uncommon after Coolsculpting, sometimes requiring narcotics or neuropathic pain medications such as Neurontin. (there are many patient stories about Coolsculpting pain on I personally had 2 areas treated with Sculpsure® in the morning and saw patients for the rest of the day. For the next week, I felt like I had done a vigorous abdominal workout. Not pain, just sore.


You can literally get up from your SculpSure treatment and go right to the gym. Zero downtime. As mentioned, I worked a full day right after mine. After Coolsculpting, massaging the “frozen stick of butter” is required. You can read stories on com from patients who experienced significant swelling and bruising after Coolsculpting, keeping them from returning to their normal activities.


Coolsculpting uses a suction applicator. Anything that gets sucked in gets frozen, including nerves. This causes numbness in the treated areas. In most patients, this resolves with time, but can prove an inconvenience. SculpSure® uses laser energy at 1060nm and only targets fat cells. Nerves, vessels, and skin are not affected.

Shelving or “Shark Bite”- Because of the suction applicator, some patients see a sharp demarcation from the treated and untreated areas with Coolsculpting. This leaves an area that many people say looks like a shark took a bit out of their tissue. SculpSure® uses an applicator head that sits on top of the skin and does not use suction. The heat from the laser spreads out beyond the applicator head to allow for better blending between treated and non-treated areas.

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