Kybella for bra fat, armpit fat, knee fat or back fat

Kybella Off-Label Uses I have been seeing fantastic results with the fat destroying injection Kybella for the double chin, we are now using the product to get rid of fat in stubborn areas such as knee fat, fat around the bra, or back fat without surgery and with a minimum of downtime. Injecting these areas […]

Revitalize your skin with SkinCeuticals

Now offering SkinCeuticals! The office of Travis Shaw MD is pleased to announce we are now carrying SkinCeuticals, the cosmeceuticals line developed by Dr. Sheldon Pinnell based on the concept of Prevent, Protect and Correct. Most famous for their award winning product CE Ferulic, this science based line has become the standard in antioxidant protection. […]

Juvederm Volbella Lip Filler in Richmond VA

Juvederm Volbella in Richmond VA The New Lip Filler Dr Travis Shaw is once again proud to be one of the first surgeons in Richmond to be selected to introduce Juvederm Volbella lip filler. This is the newest member of the Juvederm family of fillers, and is FDA approved to treat volume loss in the […]

Zapatat Laser Tattoo Removal Closes in Richmond

Laser tattoo removal in Richmond The Richmond location of Zapatat has recently closed its doors after years of safely and effectively removing many tattoos. This is sad news today for many people seeking or undergoing laser tattoo removal in Richmond. Many of Richmond’s Zapatat clients are likely now wondering where to turn to finish their tattoo […]

Labiaplasty without surgery

Enlarged labia can be a source of discomfort and embarrassment for many women, especially after childbirth. Until now, the only real option to help reduce the size of enlarged labia was a surgical procedure known as labiaplasty. The procedure involves cutting away excess tissue and then placing stitches into the vaginal area for about a […]

Sagging Skin on the Knees and Elbows

ThermiTight is a non-surgical treatment for sagging skin   The most elegant celebrities like Catherine Zeta-Jones may have incredible faces and figures, but sagging skin around the knees and elbows gives away their true age. ThermiTight is a new in-office procedure which uses injectable energy to precisely target areas of loose skin in many different parts […]

Premiere Laser Hair Removal Spa in Richmond

Premiere laser hair removal in Richmond has just shut down and closed its doors. Richmond patients who have purchased laser hair removal or other laser packages have been told they now have to drive to Premiere laser’s location in Virginia Beach. It sounds terribly inconvenient to travel and hour and a half for a 15 […]

Alternatives to Liposuction in Richmond

Sometimes, no amount of diet and exercise can get rid of stubborn fat in the body. One of the most resistant areas of fat is the submental area, commonly known as a double chin. Until recently, the only way of addressing excess fat was via a surgical procedure such as a facelift or liposuction. Many […]

Kybella Cost

As you may have heard recently in the news, Kybella is a brand new product which effectively and permanently treats a double chin. The procedure consists of a series of 2 to 3 injection sessions, much like Botox. Over these sessions, fat is dissolved under the chin, giving a more healthy and youthful appearance. How […]

Kybella Richmond Va. Double Chin Injections

  Kybella is a new product which can melt the fat which causes a double chin with a series of injections much like Botox. It works by gradually dissolving fat under the chin. This fat is then resorbed and eliminated by our body, much like fats that we take in when we eat. We are […]

Non Surgical Vaginal Rejuvenation in Richmond VA.

  No cutting or stitches Safe and effective No downtime Treats vaginal laxity, large labia, dryness, and leaky bladder Thousands of women struggle with vaginal dryness and looseness, loss of sexual function, leaky bladder after childbirth. Some women cannot wear clothing due to irritation or worry about wearing tight clothing. Until now, the only options […]

Kybella Injections in Richmond, VA

I have been in touch with one of my friends who is one of the medical advisors for Kybella, the new injectable drug that will dissolve fat and take care of a double chin. He keeps me up on the latest news for Kybella and when it will be coming to Richmond. Kybella was formerly […]

PicoSure laser tattoo removal in Richmond VA

We are proud to be offering patients the latest technology in laser tattoo removal- the PicoSure. This laser offers several advantages over older tattoo laser technology: Speed- Picosure treats tattoos in about half the number of sessions Safety- Safe for all  skin types including ethnic skin Effectiveness- Picosure shatters tattoo ink 100 times faster than other lasers […]

Facelift alternative without surgery

I am really excited to offer the latest technology to wipe out sagging necks, jowls and double chins without surgery. I just returned from the American Society of Lasers in Surgery and Medicine meeting in Kissimmee, FL where I learned an incredible amount about the newest treatments for my patients. I am most excited about […]

Kybella in Richmond, VA, Washington, DC, & Fairfax County

Hate your double chin? Help is on the way with Kybella ATX 101 As a result of the selfie craze, Facebook and video chat, many people are unhappy with what they see when they look at their chin or neck. A bulge in this area is caused by a collection of cells called submental fat. […]

Chin augmentation or implant with filler

Chin augmentation with filler is a great option for people who are either considering a chin implant or would like a more balanced chin but do not want to have the downtime associated with surgical chin augmentation. The chin is often overlooked in facial rejuvenation, but it plays a very important role in the overall […]

How Much Does Laser Hair Removal Cost in Richmond VA?

Cost for laser hair removal services varies widely from geographical locations. Just like lunch in New York is going to be more expensive than Richmond, so is laser hair removal. The other factor which affects laser hair removal cost is the setting: Almost every salon and spa in town now offers laser hair removal. The […]

Botox in Richmond VA

Dr Travis Shaw is an Allergan Certified Botox and Juvederm Instructor in Richmond VA Dr. Shaw is also the medical director for Bombshell Salon, consistently voted as a top salon by Richmond voters. Bombshell frequently hosts Botox and Bubbly parties, where you can come and relax and learn about the latest in non invasive facial […]

How much does Botox cost in Richmond, VA

Botox Richmond VA Today in our faster-than-the-speed-of-light information overloaded world, we are bombarded with “deals” from Living Social, Groupon, Wal-mart, and everyone else with a better mousetrap for sale. We all work hard for a living so we are looking for the best value for our money. When considering how much does Botox cost in Richmond […]

Plastic Surgery for Men in Richmond VA

Its time to look your best, you deserve it Looking younger is no longer just for the ladies. Men now represent the fastest growing segment of the population seeking facial rejuvenation. For better or worse, there are numerous studies that show that success in the workplace is often predicated on appearance. Here is a rundown […]

Laser Hair Removal in Richmond Va

Laser Hair Removal We are excited to be offering laser hair removal in Richmond VA with the fastest and safest laser available. The Palomar Vectus. The Vectus represents the newest in laser technology and can do an entire bikini area in under 5 minutes and is safe for all skin types.  The Vectus laser is […]

Stretch mark removal

Stretch marks are the unfortunate side effect of skin becoming stretched out by pregnancy, weight gain and loss, or rapid increase in muscle mass. In essence, they are a form of scarring. The actual mark is a result of loss of collagen in the deeper tissue layers, almost like a tear in fabric. Stretch marks […]

Does Botox Hurt?

Many people are terribly afraid of needles and wonder- does Botox hurt? This is especially true  when it comes to their face- rightly so! Other people have seen or experienced bruising after Botox injections when done with a heavy hand and are fearful of the procedure. The reality is that, injected properly, Botox does not […]

Laser Scar Removal Cost

Laser Scar Treatment in Richmond, VA At our offices in Richmond, VA, one of the most common questions patients have is, “how much does laser scar removal cost?” The site does a nice job of bringing patients together to share information and experiences, and to allow patients to learn about surgical procedures directly from […]